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Municipality seeking partner to purchase a Sewer Jet Vac
Posted: 20 January 2009 01:58 PM
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Jefferson Township had hoped to partner with a neighboring town to purchase a Sewer Jet Vac with an estimated purchase price of $330,000. Unfortunately, nothing has worked out yet.

Since Jefferson?s immediate neighbors did not have a need to purchase such an expensive piece of equipment, I thought it might be worthwhile to expand our search.  I was wondering if there were any towns within a 30-40 minute radius that might have a similar need.

We do not have a year round need for such a machine, but have use for several months.  A schedule could be worked out to meet needs of each municipality such as alternating months or every two months.

If there is interest let me know and we can discuss details.

Bill Eagen
Township of Jefferson
Chief Financial Officer
973-208-6136 (voice)
973-208-7533 (fax)


Randolph Township